Duque Family

On May 8, 2015, Jakey came into  the Duque family.  Finally, their long awaited baby boy was born!  Since nearly day one, Jakey has learned the power of his incredibly joyous smile and the impact it has on anyone he greets.  Although biased, his mom and dad, Karen and Orlando, have said multiple times that Jakey’s smile is an instant cure all!  There’s no doubt that his adorable grin, along with his infectious laughter, will brighten even the darkest of anyone's day!  

While far from a perfect life, the Duque’s have always placed an emphasis on finding the happiness in everything they do!  Jakey’s love for life and living joyfully is, no doubt, inherited from his parents and his big sis Lyla.  Together they have lived a blissfully normal family life with mundane ups and downs.  They live to be together, as a unit, doing all of the things they love so dearly from traveling to visit cousins in Georgia, fishing in their back yard, BBQing with family and friends, going to church, spending their Sundays at the  beach and celebrating every birthday and all of the big (and little) occasions in life.  

At 3 years of age, Jakey started school.  Surrounded by the most loving and caring environment, Jakey’s transition and day to day activities were nothing but happy.  Jakey met all of his milestones and was embarking on his next pre-school journey, PreK 4.  Suddenly on October 10th, Jakey was faced with a very difficult diagnosis.  In the blink of an eye, this seemingly normal family, leading their typical, simple life had to abruptly shift gears and embark on a new, painfully complicated and uncertain path.  Cancer had become, unfortunately, a household word for the Duque’s.  DIPG has attempted to steal all the joy out of Jakey’s heart, but Jakey knows better.  He continues to fight his fight with the biggest of smiles, searching, and successfully finding, the sweet, innocent happiness in all of his daily trials.

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